Dalton International – Safety From Hazardous Substances

Dalton International is New Zealand’s leading provider of safety solutions for businesses working with hazardous substances.  If your business is one of the 150,000 New Zealand businesses that manufacture, store or use hazardous substances, then you have a legal requirement to ensure:

  • Your hazardous substances are safely stored, and you maintain an inventory of what you hold on site.
  • Packaging is correctly labelled, and Safety Data Sheets (SDS) for all products are available and up to date.
  • You have completed a proper risk assessment including appropriate environmental and health monitoring.
  • Your buildings, storage tanks and facilities have the correct signage.
  • Your employees are appropriately trained on the risks and dangers of the hazardous substances they work with and how to eliminate or mitigate these risks.
  • You supply the correct personal protective equipment (PPE) and that the people using it know how to fit and maintain it.
  • You have an emergency response plan including spill response, emergency showers and eyewashes and evacuation procedures.
  • You have the correct certification for tanks, premises and people.
  • You are correctly managing your hazardous waste.
  • You are correctly tracking any highly hazardous substances such as explosives, highly flammable, oxidizing or toxic substances.

Dalton International not only offers the safety solutions to help your business be compliant, we also have a team of technical experts that can help you with your risk assessment, product selection and to explain the regulations and standards that apply.  Put simply, our purpose is:

“Preventing harm from hazardous substances to people and the environment”

We offer solutions in almost all parts of the “HAZCHEM Management Wheel” and represent numerous leading manufacturers from around the world including:

  • Ansell/AlphaTec – Chemical Protective Apparel
  • Shigematsu Works – Negative Pressure and PAPR Respiratory Protection
  • CleanAir – PAPR and Airline Respiratory Protection
  • UltraTech International Inc. – Secondary Containment, Stormwater Protection and Facilities Protection
  • Chatoyer Environmental – Portable containment bunds, floating oil containment booms
  • Tobin – Saline Eyewash Systems
  • Guardian Safety – Plumbed Emergency Showers & Eyewashes
  • Hazguard – Transport Segregation Units, outdoor secondary containment and DG Storage
  • SpillTech – Industrial absorbents and spill kits


Associations and Sponsorships

The NZIHSM is an organisation who represents people who work in the community using Hazardous Substances. In particular the NZIHSM represents Hazardous Substance Professionals such as Hazardous Substance Compliance certifiers and enforcement officers and Users of Hazardous substances in their operation and understanding of requirements under the Hazardous Substance Regulations 2017 and associated legislation.

Responsible Care New Zealand is dedicated to showcasing the very best compliance advice concerning New Zealand’s world class system for safely managing hazardous substances and dangerous goods in the workplace.

We are supporters of the NZOHS, with two staff members being Associate Members, both of whom are booked on the upcoming “Health Effects of Hazardous Substances” training. We’re also committed to ensuring our respiratory fit testers have completed the “Commit2Fit” training offer by the NZOHS.

Each year Dalton International sponsors The Radio Network “Special Children’s Christmas Party” which is held in association with the Kidney Kids and Variety the Children’s Charity. It gives around 2000 children with life threatening diseases, intellectual or physical disabilities, or those living in disadvantaged circumstances, a day they will never forget.

Sani Le'au
Sales Support

Just a big thank you from MicoEquip Penrose for all the great service and products Dalton supplies us with. Its always a pleasure dealing with the likes of Juanita, Cath, Corinna(recently left) and now Con. Knowledgeable staff and great products go hand in hand.  Looking forward to another great year with a Dalton International.

Paul Hill
All Round Safety

It is a pleasure working with the team at Dalton International, been doing business with them for 7 years now. The customer support and placing of orders is simple an effortless. All of there staff go out of their way to help where possible, the technical support is great, deliveries spot on. Nice company to work with. Easy drop shipping when required at no extra charge. Keep up the good customer support guys.

Gerald Dobson
Business Manager

When taking about Shigematsu Masks: “At the end of the day I think it’s a good mask and a successful roll-out but in many ways that comes down to the support that you get from Dalton as well. You could easily have a supplier that’s very unreceptive but I know that if I’m getting an order for a few masks I can call Dalton and get support and that helps get the brand out there and better known.

Matthew Elliott
Bay Engineer Supplies
Sales Manager

As a supplier Dalton International continue to meet our expectations regarding product supply, innovation and technical support for our staff and customers, we could not ask for more from a supplier and look forward to continuing our partnership in the future.

Pat Cottam

Thank you so much for the Shigematsu Respiratory mask.  I wore the mask when spraying a few days ago. Got help to tighten the mask and worked a wonder, no smells and didn’t slip like my old one, very snug fit. I’m sure it will have a lot of use.