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08 Jan: Case Study – ARE NZ Limited

Why ARENZ reckons Shigematsu respirators are perfect for the NZ asbestos removal industry. After just half a year of selling the Shigematsu range of full and half-face respirators, ARENZ – New Zealand’s largest supplier of Asbestos Removal Equipment – reckon it’s become the industry’s go-to brand. So we thought we’d catch up with business manager […]
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16 Aug: Choosing the Right Chemical Protective Suit – Douglas Pharmaceuticals

All chemical protective clothing is not made equal. And Dalton International’s recent deal with Kiwi success story Douglas Pharmaceuticals for more than 200 Microchem 3000 AVANT AIRline suits shows the importance of matching the right product to the right industry. Protective clothing is about three things: Preventing the wearer from coming into contact with hazardous materials, […]