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23 Jun: Emergencies come with flashing lights and sirens!

It is no accident that emergency vehicles have flashing lights and sirens. The purpose of these is to snap people out of their normal state and let them know that there is an emergency in progress. When it comes to responding to chemical accidents the same theory holds true. Having a flashing light and siren go off when you activate an emergency shower and eyewash lets other people around you know that an emergency is in progress and that assistance is needed.
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22 Jun: Activating your plumbed shower and eyewash weekly is a requirement of AS4775

Did you know that AS4775, The Emergency Shower and Eyewash Standard, requires that your emergency showers, eyewashes, eye/face washes or combination units be activated weekly? The exact wording of the standard is this: "Plumbed shower [eyewash, eye/facewash, or combination] equipment shall be activated weekly for a period long enough to verify operation and ensure flushing fluid is available.”