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19 Jun: Our farmers are dying to feed us

Dalton International had the pleasure of being part of the Health and Wellness Hub at Fieldays again this year. Our participation was aimed at informing farmers and other industries attending the Fieldays of the importance of using appropriate respiratory gear and protective clothing when working with hazardous substances. These would include chemicals, herbicides, pesticides, fertilisers […]
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11 Jun: Cultivating Safety

Ansell and Dalton International both identify the importance of safeguarding against the long-term effects of Agricultural Chemical Exposure and cultivating safety. Some workplace environments inherently expose workers to a greater number of safety risks than others. So too, some hazard types straddle multiple industry sectors, putting workers at risk purely through the intrinsic characteristics of […]
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16 Oct: A False Sense of Security – Breathable Chemical Suits

Are Breathable/Washable Chemical Suits Effective as Barriers to Chemical Permeation? Effective Chemical Protective Suits must not only provide a barrier to penetration by chemicals, but more importantly they should provide a long-term barrier to permeation by chemicals. The hot and unpleasant nature of wearing chemical protective apparel has led several manufacturers to develop “breathable” materials […]
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27 Aug: Working Safely with Hi-Cane this Spray Season

There’s a growing body of research about long-term health effects of herbicides, pesticides and agricultural chemicals like – Hi-Cane. These include depression, problems sleeping, mood changes and, at the worst end of the scale, cancer and neurological diseases. All of which can be likely factors in any suicide statistic. Research published last year by Dr Annette […]
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06 Aug: How to find the right glove to match your workplace chemical hazards

In order to source the suitable protective glove to match risks associated with chemical exposure at your workplace, there are a number of factors that need to be taken into consideration. Impact of exposure According to the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment’s Hazardous Substances Toolbox, “About 150,000 workplaces throughout New Zealand use hazardous substances. The […]
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30 Jul: Dalton helps bring a serious message of safety to Fieldays via interactive and engaging competitions

Fieldays has long offered a mix of serious business with a dose of fun entertainment for New Zealand’s farming community – something nicely epitomised by Dalton’s role at this year’s event – Fieldays 2018. We joined the Health Hub to highlight the risks that farmers encounter when dealing with hazardous substances and came up with […]