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6-25 Person First Aid Kit – Plastic Box


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First aid kit for 6-25 people.

  • First aid kit for 6-26 people, ideal of medium size work places.
  • Packaged in a plastic box.
  • Comes with wall mountable bracket
  • Content meets OSH guidelines.
Minimum Order Quantity

1 each

Kit Contents

Wound Dressing - Sterile #14 - 12 x 12cm1
Wound Dressing - Sterile #15 - 18 x 18cm2
Non Adherent Dressing - 7.5 x 10cm5
Sterile Eye Pad2
Antiseptic Wipes6
Eye & Wound Saline Wash 30ml6
Plasters Fabric 7.2 x 1.9cm100
Paper Tape 1.25cm x 9.1m1
Triangle Bandage2
Crepe Bandage - 5cm1
Crepe Bandage - 7.5cm1
Gauze Swabs (2s)12ply5
Latex Gloves Low Powder  - Medium8
Safety Pins12
Bandage Scissors1
Tweezers - Metal Flat Tip1
Paracetamol Tablets – 20 Tablets1
Hand Sanitiser Flip Top - 125ml1
Foil Blanket1
Tissues – Pocket 6 Pack1
First Aid Plastic Bag (Waste Disposal)1
First Aid Tips (not a replacement for training)
First Aid Register1
First Aid Pencil1