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Combination Strobe Light and Alarm Horn for Recessed Laboratory Units


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Combination flashing light and alarm horn unit for safety stations.

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  • ApplicationCombination strobe light and alarm horn for recessed laboratory units. Strobe light activates and alarm horn sounds loudly when recessed eye/face wash or shower is activated. Alarm horn and light unit is recess mounted in wall. Ideal for use in finished spaces, including laboratories and cleanrooms.
  • InstallationUnit is designed for use with recessed laboratory units. Combination light and alarm horn is recess mounted in wall. Flow switch and electrical wiring are located behind wall. 120 volt, 0.11 amp electrical supply is required.
  • Visual SignalAmber strobe light with shatter-resistant lens.
  • Audible SignalHorn delivers distinctive, urgent signal at 90 db.
  • Flow Switch1″ IPS single pole, double throw waterproof flow switch for installation in water supply line to emergency unit. Switch senses flow of water when either the eye/face wash or shower is activated. Flow switch must be installed with tee fitting in horizontal position, flow switch body in vertical position and at least 6″ from closest fitting. Direction of flow is marked on switch body.
  • MountingFurnished with hardware for recess mounting components in finished wall. Electrical connections by others.
  • Quality AssuranceAll components are factory tested prior to shipment.


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AS4775-2007 Compliance Checklist
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