Horizontally Mounted Plastic Shower Head

Horizontally Mounted Plastic Shower Head

  • Application: Emergency shower for horizontal mounting.
  • Shower Head: 245mm diameter with 75L/min flow control. The showerhead is orange ABS plastic
  • Valve: 1” IPS chrome plated brass stay-open ball valve. The valve is US-made with chrome-plated brass ball and PTFE seals. Furnished with stainless steel actuating arm and 73.66cm stainless steel pull rod.
  • Pipe and Fittings: 1” IPS galvanized steel nipple with orange ABS plastic elbow. Orange powder-coated finish on pipe and fittings.
  • Supply: 1” NPT female inlet.
  • Sign: ANSI-compliant identification sign.


Minimum Order Quantity

1 each


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