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SpillTech® UltraZorb Oil & Chemical Absorbent – 40L


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40L bag of absorbent fibre suitable for use with hydrocarbons including oil, diesel, petrol and a wide range of chemicals.

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  • UltraZorb is a general purpose absorbent fibre for absorbing and cleaning up industrial spills and waste including oil spills, diesel, hydraulic fluid, alcohols, aromatics, carbonyl compounds paints, polymers, insecticides, herbicides and heavy metals which are hydrocarbon based pollutants.
  • UltraZorb is 100% natural sphagnum peat moss harvested and dried in New Zealand.
  • It encapsulates the spill and will not leach, leak or discharge.
  • It can be incinerated or disposed of in landfills (check local council for advice).
  • Absorbs 3-4 times its weight in spills (NB: Absorbency rates vary depending on the liquid being absorbed. For more detail contact Dalton International Ltd)
  • Can be used on land and water to absorb spilled chemicals and hydrocarbons.
  • 40L bag absorbs up to 50L of spilled material.

UltraZorb is a natural organic product and may react with some strong acids where the pH is <3. We do not recommend UltraZorb be used with Nitric or Hydrofluoric Acid or strong oxidizing agents. Contact us to discuss the best absorbent product in these instances.



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