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Ultra DrainGuard – Reusable – 610mm


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Capture dirt and sediment at construction sites and other high erosion areas.

  • Rugged polypropylene construction can be easily rinsed and reused.
  • Deep accumulation pocket (91cm) can hold up to 225kg of soil, sand, sediment and dirt.
  • Designed for easy removal with backhoe, forklift or other equipment.
  • Dimensions: 610mm x 610mm
  • Weight: 0.5KG


Minimum Order Quantity

1 each


Ultra DrainGuard Instructions
Ultra DrainGuard Specifications
Catchpit Protection - Best Management Practice
Concrete and Asphalt - Best Management Practice
Directional Drilling - Best Management Practice
Trenching - Best Management Practice
Working in and around Trees - Best Management Practice