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Ultra HardTop Plus – 2 Drum


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Store hazardous drums and IBCs safely outdoors.

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  • Roll-top covers can be easily lifted for waist height access to drum tops.
  • Tall head space easily accommodates rotary drum pumps and large conical funnels.
  • Swing out doors make forklift loading and unloading a breeze.
  • 100% polyethylene construction offers excellent chemical resistance and will not rust or corrode.
  • Forkliftable for convenient positioning.
  • Lockable with a standard padlock for safe outdoor storage.
  • No need for planning approval.
  • Two drum model dimensions: 1,708mm (L) x 1,047mm (W) x 1,880mm (H)
  • Containment: 250L


Minimum Order Quantity

1 each

DimensionsL 170.8 x W 104.7 x H 188 cm