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Ultra Lab Spill Tray


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Countertop spill collection tray for labs, medical and industrial facilities.

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  • Counter top spill collection trays allow you to safely store and handle beakers, bottles and other lab ware.
  • Makes decanting small quantity liquids safer, cleaner and more manageable.
  • Features built in pouring spout to easily remove spills.
  • Polyethylene construction is resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • Dimensions: 432mm (L) x 305mm (W) x 102mm (H) (usable surface: 333mm (L) x 216mm(W))
  • Containment: 6.5L


Minimum Order Quantity

1 each

DimensionsL 43.2 x W 30.5 x H 10.2 cm


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